The 1000 People CD Cover Project is an ongoing intercontinental design collaboration. In 2013 I ordered 1,000 blank CD covers from Portland, Oregon printing collective Stumptown Printers, each stamped with a unique serial number. Since then I have been inviting audience members at each and every one of my shows to take a blank cover home, decorate it however they see fit, and send it back to me. The collected covers will someday house a new album of mine in the form of a CD, download card, USB drive, biofeedback chip, or whatever the fashion of the times is by then.

Each participant signs a ledger, selects a design prompt from a list generated by previous participants, adds a new prompt of their own to the list, and takes a blank cover home to design in any manner they choose. When their design is complete, the cover is mailed back to me (you are encouraged to return your cover ASAP, but no worries if it takes you a while). Eventually I will have compiled 1000 completely distinct CD covers designed by 1000 people from all around the world, inspired by 1000 different design prompts generated by fellow participants.

Once the covers have been collected and the corresponding album released, each individual serial number will be entered into a public database on my website. This will allow each person who purchases an album to look up who designed their cover, and each designer to look up where their cover landed. Before distributing the covers I plan to exhibit and perform amongst them in gallery spaces across the United States.

753 people have participated in the project as of January 2019. Here are some of the covers that have been submitted so far: