1000 People CD Cover Project

The 1000 People CD Cover Project is an ongoing intercontinental design collaboration.  In 2013, I ordered 1000 blank foldable cardboard CD cases from the legendary Portland, Oregon printing collective Stumptown Printers and stamped each one with a unique serial number.  Since then I have been inviting audience members at my shows to take home a blank cover and decorate it based on a prompt they select from my Regenerating Prompt List, an ever-changing compendium of words or phrases to be used as inspiration for their design.  Each person records their contact information and their blank cover’s serial number, and adds a new prompt to the list.  When their cover is done, they mail it back to me.  The finished, collected covers will eventually serve as packaging for a new album of original songs.  The serial numbers will be entered into an online database that will allow each illustrator to track where their cover ends up and each album purchaser to look up who designed their cover.

The designs can be simple or complicated, I just ask that folks put a lot of…well…something into it.  I was gonna say love, but if you've got some hate to put into it go for it, or sorrow, or lust, or hope or befuddlement or invention blueprints or diamond heist plots, or child rearing cartoons or oil smudges from various flora and fauna I say go for it.  Hundreds and hundreds of humans already have!

If you won’t be able to attend one of my shows anytime soon, but would like to design a cover send an email with your name, email, zip code and address to itstruemynameisgideon@gmail.com

753 people have signed up as of January 2019. Here are some of the designs that have been submitted so far: