Nate “Hubcap” Sloan - educator, composer, podcaster, jazz pianist, home show pioneer
Ewen Wright - filmmaker, creative consultant, comedian, dog owner
Isabel Wilder - photographer, filmmaker, hygge enthusiast, fight choreographer, custom piñata builder
Raf Kellman - speaker, mover, dad, philosopher, illustrator, teller of jokes, maker of omelets 
Iris Gottlieb - anti carbonation advocate, illustrator, artist, soap designer
Ra Ra Bernstein - painter, fabricator, video sculptor, weirdo
Larry Ford - documentarian, photographer, musician, family man
Coire Williams - boat builder, animationist, woodworker, land sculptor, sailor
French Clements - choreographer, land sculptor, cyclist, consultant, smooth talker
Lizzie Presser - milliner, researcher, writer, acro-balancer, fashionista, director, anagrammer 
Tony Leva - bassist, thought thinker, cranky scientist, mulberry viticulturist



The Foundry Theater - I loved them before I knew them, now I know them and love them more
You Won't - mysteriously defunct weirdo rock band
Julia Read - fiddler, song magician
The Music Tapes - Julian Koster’s magical levitating music and performance art project
Darkside - electronic music duo featuring my bosom buddy Dave Harrington
Mandy Patinkin - singer, actor, humanitarian, JewBu