Host a Show!

You’re interested in hosting my show at your home? Fantastic! There are three basic requirements:

  1. AN AUDIENCE OF STUPENDOUS PEOPLE - as many of them as you are comfortable inviting. A packed room makes for a better vibe and makes it easier for me to sustain this project through audience donations. That said, whatever the maximum number of people you feel comfortable with is the right number in the end. Home show audiences are typically 25-50 people but I am open to bigger and smaller crowds.

  2. TIME TO SET UP - Whenever possible, I like to arrive 3 to 4 hours ahead of the audience invite time. This allows me to unpack my gear, set up the show and make sure everything is ready to go before guests start arriving. It also gives me and the host a chance to get to know each other a bit. At minimum, I require a 2-hour window ahead of show time.

  3. A PLACE TO SLEEP FOR THE NIGHT - This can be a couch, floor, bed, futon, trailer, cedar closet, sensory deprivation chamber, hollowed-out moose carcass, etc.

If you are willing and able to meet this criteria, please complete the form below! I will put you on my map of potential future shows and reach out to let you know when I expect to be passing through your area.

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