Australia & Tokyo + Kid's Show + Great News

Working on my touring theater show

Working on my touring theater show

I'm doing stuff things again. It's been a mighty year of kids show making, theater show designing/promoting and horse tour planning learning. Now I'm bringing a new home-show through Australia and Tokyo! Cause..... well, I gotta do shows somewhere. I'll be driving around all of Australia, 8,000 miles! It is a very large place. I have collected many contacts for AUS and Tokyo through my map system, but need more! Always more. My papi always said "if you look at the map and you can see some water, well.... imagine how that water feels." Which I took to mean that one day I would need more contacts in Australia and Tokyo. Of course I welcome any possible home show contacts anywhere always cause I plan to go everywhere at some point. But at this moment I'm particularly looking for any possible home show hosts in the below places. I would love to email them a real pretty note to see if they might be interested in hosting for a night. 


- Everywhere there anywhere

- Looking particularly for small towns, western towns, desert towns, nowhere towns

- But also looking for more in big cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Alice Springs, Brisbane and in between

- Any connections to indigenous communities


- Tokyo! Will tour more in Japan in the future but right now I'm just looking for 7 homes in Tokyo on way back to states. Need more contacts very much. Expats, people who speak some english, people who speak no english but would like to host anyway. Of course I have a Japanese version of everything I do (not true).

In other news The Gideon and Hubcap Show for Kids, Adults and Everyone Else has begun performances. We are available for shows. We have been working on this show for two years and are thrilled to finally be getting it out in front of small and large people. It's been a really hard show to make. We were trying to make something for all ages to enjoy, something with fun and meaning at its core, something that inspires conversations and joy buckets. If you'd like to host, want more info, or have possible home show contacts anywhere for the kids show (in particular NY or LA) shoot me an email at Also Hubcap got an amazing job teaching at USC starting next fall. Way to go Hubcap, the smarty who likes to party. Very proud of him. Taught him everything he knows, well half, ok 0.0013% but that's a lot cause he knows so much! 

Horse tour is still the thing I'm working towards. I'm planning on moving to Southern Utah this April to begin training, find my horses and start setting it up. Launch date for that is still September 2019. 2 horses, 1-2 shows per week, 8,000 miles in a big loop. Horses comfort and safety always priority number 1. Please send any rural horse folk connections my way. It will come together by reaching out to folks to reach out to folks from now till then. So many have already shared incredible people and its given me the strength and insanity to keep going. 

Theater show with AFO has been a ball. We redesigned our Off-Broadway set to make a beautiful wild over the top and under the bridge touring set. Recently had our first run with it at a that in NJ. It was a ball! Hope to bring it to a theater nearish you soon. 

Oh man, I really want to have an interesting anecdote right here, but I'm too terribly bored with my own story. I've been reading this book called To Be a Machine, by Mark O'Connell, which is about different factions of the Transhumanist world. Largely folks who are looking at death as a disease, a problem to solve. It is most provocative. How does society change, problem solving, the arts, the way we understand suffering, if people regularly live to 200? 300? 1000? I don't know, nor will I likely find out, but it's a much more interesting conversation than I had once thought. 

Hope this finds you all in ecstatic celebration of all the incredible things going on in the world right now!!! What a world! All the incredibly kind things that people do for each other! The heart felt innovations! All the jokes people will make across the world today! All the people falling in love for the first time right now! Everyone eating a tasty treat with no complicated feelings! Learning and teaching things! Animals defending nests! Soil! Kids becoming Mathletes! Great grandparents dying peacefully! Families supporting each other! Loving arguments! Changes! Millions are going through important positive changes right this very moment! Hallelujah! Its true. 

With love as best as I understand it, 

Me in my first show "This Joint Is Jumping" that was the last time I've been in a musical. I'd like another shot at it!

Me in my first show "This Joint Is Jumping" that was the last time I've been in a musical. I'd like another shot at it!

Joshua Kilcoyne